.SOLUTIONS [sample campaign]

(our pitch; we connect your business around the internet.)
1. Brand Relevance
A Searchable Website that is SEO updated... a simple user friendly (unbroken) mobile website... Social Networks and Directories that make up the new "Yellow Page"... all the things that make up your business store front to the internet... Get found.

Today's Sales Marketing Overview

Regardless of which options you choose, today's sales pipeline isn't under your control. If you find a new lead, they'll look you up. If they're looking for your product or service, there's still a need for human interaction. For businesses that think the web is a magical solution for "build it and they will come" marketing... people still buy from people. It's that simple.
We are essentially Time Brokers.
We connect businesses with their target clients, employees, and vendors using the web. Check out a sample of one of our videos...
2. Target Marketing
Aim Small; Miss Small. If you know your target client, we'll be able to position you where they'll be looking.
Who's going to manage your Social Web Presence?
20% of content is about you, and 80% is shared content that positions you as an expert in your field. Nobody likes to socially connect with someone who is always talking about themselves. Anything you want shared; email it over and we'll take care the rest.
You will have your own designed Social Web Engineer engaging your target client .
This digital secretary will save you weeks of activity every year on the necessary, but boring work with social media for business
We provide Behavioral Sales and Marketing with ongoing training on the most effective tools available; so your brand is clearly and attractively communicated to your target clients, vendors, and employees.


TECHNOLOGY LANDSCAPE AND THE TOOLS THAT ARE WORKING TODAY: As professional technology consultants, we are faced with the biggest questions in our careers—what products do we sell and how can we continue to have a full sales funnel when everything seems to be going digital and changing so quickly?
Our Options are: 
Hire direct sales reps and gamble if they will create legitimate leads before you have to fire them for going golfing,  hire Telemarketers and hope their leads are quality, rely on referrals or grow your agent channel (which all takes time and is in essence just another type of sales), or find a better way. 
There is a better way that will provide consistent long term Lead Generation:
  • Search Engine and Display Marketing (re-marketing)
  • AdWords Campaigns
  • Dedicated Landing Page
  • Traditional Telemarketing
  • Inter-active Web Chat
  • Social Media
  • Experienced Industry Expert qualifying the lead
We Create and manage content with SEO and engagement on social media channels, because leads will check you out online
Using your list or ours; we Qualify and then Wash the lead (to make sure it’s real). All Leads are Exclusive (given to you alone). A Qualified Lead is defined as a potential client that is interested in what you are selling and is willing to let you present a proposal and has existing contracts expiring within 12 months
Your Decision is Simple:
Ignore it
We have enough statistics, if you can be convinced by statistics. If you think you're smart enough to ignore the in 2000; 44% of the US used the internet and PEW reports 87% of Americans use the internet in 2014, then we would rather not meet. If you're not going to ignore it, there are two other options.
Do it Yourself
You could do what we do. A couple questions (of many) to consider: how are you going to manage someone on a task you don't understand, what happens when you fire them, or how do you know if someone is communicating your brand when they're speaking a language you don't know.
Pay for it
Dangerous paradigm shifts are the ones that sneak up on us; are all encompassing, and play by a completely different set of rules. Social Media and Web Presence is just that change. Not since the Gutenberg Press (written to mass produced thought) has such an acceleration been experienced (until the internet). Don't regret this. 
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