(our pitch; we connect your business around the internet.)
Price Guide:
These are the tools that have shown an ROI. The right combination and quantity are required for each Target we aim at.

Review Management and Anonymous Visitor Identification is the baseline starting point for all clients. Reviews are the commodity of our age and following up on leads provided by Google Analytics is impossible. We take care of these two starting block... and build on whatever combination of actions and resources are producing your desired end result (this product if able to be purchased at our store).
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Lead Farming Tools

SocialSEO ($36/hr)Create content, find and meet targets to create introductions
Blogs ($40): We write, SEO design, and Publicize blogs across platforms
Directory Listings ($70/mo): These are today’s Yellow Pages... with a monthly promo too

Lead Hunting Tools

Target List Creation*: Your list or ours, campaigns start quicker with a good list
Webchat ($50/mo): Turn website visitors into leads (instead of analytics statistics)
Managed Call Center ($60/hr): We cover scripts to Call Center selection to appointment setting
Email Campaigns ($55/mo): We combine template based emails with personal follow up text email styles

*pricing based on average client needs, and will require a custom quote

Lead Fishing Tools

 Social Media PPC ($100 min): Social allows a high degree of profiling of personal and biz focus
Search Engine PPC ($1000 min): Google is Google, but we use all top engines proportionately
Targeted Display PPC ($500 min): We use the top algorhythms to track the people in your target
 Re-Marketing PPC ($500 min): Once they’ve come to your site, this keeps you in front of them

Campaign Completion Tools

Straight Pass Through Costs: Commonly there are other tools (print materials, handwritten notes, etc) that complete the campaign. These are managed but us, but the cost is a straight pass through to you.
Voice Hours/mo ($50/hr): There are some actions (like washing leads) that are best handled 1 on 1 (by the right professional)
Screen Hours/mo ($50/hr): Some actions (like tracking what’s working) are vital for success

Sample $5,000/mo Package 
(Packages start at $300/mo)

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