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The Web for Small Business; Managed.

We manage the top five web contact points between small business and their customer.

1. Search Engines:

We manage your business where everyone searches ...on 100+ search engines by filling out your free business websites.

2. Social Media:

We post general and targeted content on your Facebook, Google, and Twitter accounts ...daily keeping your name in front of your network.

3. Reviews:

The basic Screen Relevance subscription covers both "1. Search Engines" and "3. Reviews" ...all in one managed platform.

4. Blog (website)

Bi-weekly blog articles written for you and shared on your website and social media.

Add on the Blogging Marketing plan and expect...
  • Dedicated Editor
  • Custom Editorial Calendar
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Blog Image Included
  • 2-3 Original Blog Articles per Month

5. Email/Text messages:

Design and management of your email newsletters and promotional email blasts.

Add on the Email Marketing Plan if you want to…
  • Grow your mailing list subscriber base
  • Target specific subsets of your mailing list with offers
  • Proactively keep in touch with prospects and past customers
  • Push specials and offers at specific times to specific groups
  • Nurture prospects and past clients until they convert into new sales

When you're done guessing.

Web marketing works best with redirecting current activity ...not pretending your target is thinking about you and how they may use your widget ...until they are ...and if you don't show up then; where they look - you're invisible.

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